Colorful wooden bird shaped as an antique Greek discus by Hans Bølling

Hans Bølling created Discus in 1961. The birds are shaped as a discus and are made in painted pinewood. The painted parts represent the colorful plumage of the bird, whereas the chest of the bird remains unpainted; revealing the natural qualities of the wood. The beautiful veins of the wood contrast the painted parts of the birds. The birds come in a family consisting of four members that can be placed in line in the window or on a shelf.

February 28, 2017

New contrasting Marble duo by Poul Kjærholm

PK-Mini consists of two sculptural bowls made of black Nero Marquina Marble and white Volakas Marble. The two bowls are related to the PK-600, PK-Bowl and PK-Marble, which Poul Kjærholm made in 1963. As their predecessors, PK-Mini embraces contrasts between black and white, between the gracefully curved veins and the solid stone. It highlights the contrast between the soft shaped interior and the raw, rugged exterior.

February 08, 2017

New Sculptural Marble Bowl by Poul Kjærholm

We are proud to introduce you to PK-Marble - a new sculptural marble bowl by Poul Kjærholm. PK-Marble was created in 1963. It is made in black Nero Marquina Marble and its smooth rounded inner surface softly reflects incoming light, adding contrasts to the raw and unpolished exterior. PK-Marble is a timeless piece of art juxtaposing contrasts between the feminine and masculine.

October 25, 2016

ARCHITECTMADE at Maison & Object 2016

ARCHITECTMADE was represented at the Maison & Objet fair in Paris 2016. It was a pleasure to see so many taking great interest in our products and our passion for quality and timeless design. Stay tuned for more info on our future fairs.

September 01, 2016

New Smoked Owl by Paul Anker Hansen

We love working with Paul Anker Hansen, and are proud to present the new smoked edition to the Owl family. Together they make a perfect pair. Smoked OWL is designed by Paul Anker Hansen in 1960. Originally, the head of the OWL was attached to the body with an elastic rubber band, so the head were able to tilt. Since then, Paul Anker Hansen and ARCHITECTMADE have worked together on improving OWL,which resulted in a different solution than the rubber band. Now the head and body are attached with a magnet. This gives more flexible movement and enables even more expressions.

March 09, 2015


Trepas is designed by Peter Karpf in 1966. Made of solid copper, brass and stainless steel, this simplistic yet beautiful design can be positioned in countless ways. The Trepas candleholder transforms the otherwise rather ordinary flame into a vibrant and rich experience, creating a particular warm glow that can only come from the mixture of three different metals. Trepas is available as a set containing 2 times 3 tea light holders or containing 3 time 3 tea light holders.

October 30, 2014