A journey into the archives

Researching is a significant part of our team’s process:

A throwback to inspiring moments when our design department was busy conducting the immersive research at the Archives of Design Museum Denmark during the development process of our textile series FJ Pattern, based on one of several ingenious patterns created by Finn Juhl in 1954.


Working with watercolours Finn Juhl developed distinct colour combinations and patterns, the use of which became an integrated element of his work, tying together interior design and architecture.

Design Museum Denmark has also been the venue for FJ Pattern launch event, which took place at the astonishing “Festsal”:

Three scenes which represented significant home environments have been designed and set, creating the perfect frame for the presentation of the unique series.

FJ Pattern series strikes the perfect balance between shape, colour and texture:

A treat for all the senses.⁠


Dive into Finn Juhl’s universe and explore our entire range of products based on his designs.



Photography: ARCHITECTMADE / Valeria Granillo



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