A warm addition to our collection

Early this year we launched FJ Pattern, a series of textiles based on one of several ingenious patterns created by Finn Juhl in 1954.

Working with watercolours Finn Juhl developed distinct colour combinations and patterns, the use of which became an integrated element of his work, tying together interior design and architecture.

The result of the immersive research conducted by our design department at the Archives of Design Museum Denmark, getting pleasantly lost in Finn Juhl’s graphic universe, is our FJ Pattern series, which translates Juhl’s unique sense of shape and colour into textiles.

FJ Pattern series has now a new addition: The throw made of baby alpaca.

The lines of the pattern and the material come together to make a unified whole.
The exceptionally fine, longer lasting, hypoallergenic fibre comes from the adult alpaca. It is a natural fibre that looks and feels luxurious. This soft and lightweight wool is cozy but also breathable for warmer weather, thanks to the air pockets of alpaca fibres.

With Finn Juhl, nothing is a coincidence. Every detail is heavily thought through.

His fondness for colours and details, his sense for the interplay of honest materials and light live in our collection.⁠

Immerse yourself in his bold, sculptural forms and ultra-refined detailing and explore our entire range of products based on his designs.



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