Antique bird

Hans Bølling created Discus in 1961. The birds are shaped like an antique discus that ancient Greeks portrayed in their sculptures. Discus is made in pine wood. The hand painted parts represent the colourful plumage of the bird, whereas the chest of the bird remains unpainted; revealing the natural qualities of the wood. The beautiful grains of the wood contrast the painted parts of the birds.
Discus comes in a family consisting of four members of different colors and sizes (all sold separately) that can complement and brighten up the space by the window or on a shelf.

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Product information
Material, Finish and Colours
Small: Pine wood, Natural and Blue painted
Medium: Pine wood, Natural and Blue painted
Large: Pine wood, Natural and Grey painted
Large: Pine wood, Natural and Red painted
Small, Blue: W11,40 H10,40 cm
Medium, Blue: W17,60 H16,80 cm
Large, Grey: W24,90 H20,00 cm
Large, Red: W23,80 H21,10 cm
1 pc.
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