FJ Clock

Aesthetics and punctuality

Finn Juhl designed FJ Clock as a part of the interior of the New York United Nations Trusteeship Council Chamber in 1950. The circular and concave shape compliments the natural qualities of the teak and ash wood, while the aluminum dots capture Finn Juhl’s flair for minimalism. Its aluminum minute and hour hands are also curved slightly along the wooden surface. It is crafted with a precision that offers harmony, and it is a work of art.
Each FJ Clock has its own unique wood pattern, and it comes in teak or stained ash.

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Product information
Material and Finish
35 Natural: Teak wood and Aluminium
25 / 35 Black: Ash wood, Stained and Aluminium
35: D35,00 cm
25: D25,00 cm
1 pc.
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