FJ Essence

The essence of Finn Juhl

FJ Essence illuminates the unique aesthetics of Finn Juhl. The curved and crisp white porcelain surface are what made Finn Juhl famous on an international level. Originally, Finn Juhl designed FJ Essence in 1952, but it never went into production because the shapes were too complex. After 60 years, ARCHITECTMADE rediscovered the old drawings and brought FJ Essence to life. They are all hand-grazed, and true to its original design.

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Porcelain, White
Teacup and Saucer: V16 cl and W14,60 H2,50 cm
Teapot: W12,80 H12,70 cm V96 cl
Sugar bowl: W10,50 H7,10 cm
1 pc.

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