FJ Bowl Salad and Fruit

Made to order masterpiece

With his sculptural approach to design and his inspiration from art, Finn Juhl created this selection of delicate hand turned wooden bowls in 1951. They represent Finn Juhl’s design aesthetic in its purest form. The organic shapes and warm teak combined with carefully thought out dimensions. Designed as a perfect circle creating an illusion of an ellipse, they offer a new expression at every turn.
The FJ Bowls come as fruit and salad bowls. They are ‘made to order’, so we cut the wood after you place an order. All bowls are made from a single block of teak wood, which is turned and polished by hand. It is a meticulous and complex woodwork, so we invite everyone to follow this special journey by sending updates and pictures of the process.

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Product information
Teak wood
FJ Bowl – Fruit Bowl with Toes: W24,00 H9,50 cm
FJ Bowl – Salad Bowl Small: W26,00 H12,50 cm
FJ Bowl – Fruit Bowl Large: W35,00 H11,00 cm
FJ Bowl – Salad Bowl Large: W34,00 H17,20 cm
1 pc.
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