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Bjarke Ingels, Denmark’s most influential architect of our time and the visionary behind the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), has redefined architectural boundaries. His work, known for its innovative fusion of futuristic designs with playful elements, has positioned BIG as a vanguard in the architectural world.

In addition to designing futuristic buildings in New York, London, Barcelona, and Copenhagen, BIG is collaborating with NASA to become the first architects to create a sustainable lunar habitat on the Moon.
Using NASA’s latest lunar terrain data in 2021, BIG mapped the exact geometry of the Moon onto a 3D model. With intricate precision, this model guided us to carve out the Moon’s mountains and craters in solid maple wood, achieving both extreme accuracy and a smooth surface. To enhance authenticity, we have marked the historic landing sites on the Moon with discreet brass nails.

Aspiring to something grander than earthly matters has always united and propelled humanity forward, which is why we aim to bring the Moon closer to you. Learning about it, feeling it, and even holding it in your hands inspires us to reach beyond ourselves and achieve what we, as humankind, can accomplish when we work together.

Details about landing sites coming soon.


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Maple wood
W12 H12 cm
1 pc.
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