Oscar, Bobby and Rufus

Fun and play

His love for dogs prompted a young Hans Bølling to design Oscar in 1953, followed by his brothers Bobby and Rufus with the same technical details. They represent a timeless depiction of the four-legged man’s best friend.
Designed with Hans Bølling’s characteristic humor, Oscar, Bobby and Rufus can imitate everything a dog can do. From sitting to begging to playing to crawling, their personality shines through, making them a joyful companion for every day (without having to take them out for a walk!).
Hand made with the precision, Oscar and Rufus are from beech wood, while Bobby is from walnut wood.

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Oscar / Rufus: Beech wood and Leather Bobby: Walnut wood and Leather
Oscar / Bobby: W6,50 H13,00 cm, Rufus: W17,00 H36,00 cm
1 pc.

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