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Celebrating 100 Years of Vedel: The BIRD Still Flies High at ARCHITECTMADE!

Celebrating 100 Years of Vedel: The BIRD Still Flies High at ARCHITECTMADE!

As we stand at the crossroads of history and Danish design, 2023 marks a significant milestone - the centennial of the birth of the legendary designer, Kristian Vedel. At ARCHITECTMADE, we're honoring his legacy with a special tribute to one of his most iconic creations: the BIRD.

100 Years of Kristian Vedel This year, as we remember Kristian Vedel on his 100th birthday, we're not just celebrating an architect but a visionary. His designs weren't just about aesthetics but about creating pieces with soul, purpose, and longevity.

A Testament to Craftsmanship Each BIRD, meticulously hand-turned, is a showcase of the dedication and skill that goes into creating timeless pieces. Vedel's design philosophy, deeply rooted in Danish design tradition, believed in simplicity, functionality, and craftsmanship.

Our BIRDs, hand turned with precision, embody this ethos in every curve and angle. Sustainability Takes Wing In this age of disposable designs and transient trends, Vedel's BIRD stands apart. Crafted using sustainably sourced materials, it's not just a design piece but a commitment to our planet.

Every BIRD you bring home is a step towards a more eco-conscious world, echoing Vedel's vision and ARCHITECTMADE's mission. Own a Piece of Design History Let's celebrate Vedel's centenary by bringing home a design that's as relevant today as it was decades ago. The BIRD isn't just decor; it's a statement, a story, a legacy.


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