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Long-lasting design

We believe that aesthetics is one of the most powerful forces in our lives and that it should always be in the service of a better life. 

We are aware that we all carry responsibility for our way of living, for the choices we make and the impact of those choices on the world. 
We focus on great design, quality materials, environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices with extra attention to people and communities we employ.

ARCHITECTMADE takes responsibility by producing long-lasting objects ethically made.

Process and materials

In every step of the way, from sourcing to production to printed material and recycling, we strive to minimize our effects on the environment and enhance sustainability. Our in-house team works closely together with architects and suppliers to shape the design processes all the way from initial idea to the final product, to have the best of the results and to oversee the most responsible manufacturing practices. 

People and environment

We select manufacturers as close to the raw material source as possible. This guarantees the quality of materials, reduces transportation mileage, and provides opportunities for local communities.  Certifications are good for some, but at ARCHITECTMADE we go the extra mile. We visit the manufacturing sites and workshops ourselves, checking that all employees are treated fairly and the materials are sourced sustainably.  


Our team

At ARCHITECTMADE everyone’s voice is important. Every employee is an essential part of the company’s future and success. We strive to be transparent. We praise open communication. We believe that collaboration between skilled individuals is essential for success in our industry.



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