Giant Duck and Duckling

From story to object

When architect Hans Bølling was 28 years old in 1959, he designed the now world renowned Duck and Duckling. Inspired by the police officer who in a trafficked road in Copenhagen held back the traffic for a family of ducks. 
Hans Bølling has been dreaming about making more than life size Duck and Duckling. Now at 91, his dream has come true after ARCHITECTMADE scouted the world’s finest craftsmen, and harvested it with certified teak wood. 
Giant Duck & Duckling is made-to-order and comes in a special size, so don’t forget to make room for their arrival!


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Product information
Teak wood
Giant Duckling: W7,00 D19,00 H17,00 cm
Giant Duck: W14,50 D36,00 H38,00 cm
1 pc.
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